CNC Milling

 We are equipped with modern CNC 3-axis and 4th-axis  milling machines, CNC 2-axis milling machines, and manual  milling/drilling machines. Spindle RPM 12,000

CNC Turning

 Our turning dept. is equipped with CNC lathes, and manual lathes. Machining up to 8" Diameters.  Including a 6-axis CNC Lathe with live tooling and sub-spindle.

CAD/CAM Design & Programming

 Up-to-date programming software with 3D design and 3D CNC programming capabilities. 

Welding & Fabricating


Custom welding and fabricating to your design specs.  Manufacturing and assembling complete. Aluminum, Stainless, and other various metals

Precision Grinding/Heat treating


Surface grinding, ultra precision punch/die grinding, and sharpening cutting edges

Heat treating of tool steels with a fast turn around time.

Wire EDM Technology

 Mitsubishi Pro Series EDM. Large workspace area with up to 7" tall cut. Wire thickness range from .004" to .012".